Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Air Balloon 12" x 16" W/C $175

It is so quiet and serene that you almost feel you are not flying at all. Beautiful day with breathtaking views, ahh, what a day to take an adventure.

If you’ve never gone hot air ballooning, I suggest that you do. I took my husband up for his birthday last month. And even though I do not like hights, he and I both loved the ride.

The flight was followed up with a champagne brunch. I have a happy man.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunflowers 2 11” x 14” W/C $125

My favorite flowers.

Welsh Cows 12” x 16” W/C $175

In 2008 while staying at a B & B dairy farm in Abergavenny Wales, these cows greeted us each day coming and going about the farm. They were so cute and friendly that I just had to paint them. I knew I wanted the piece to be some what nontraditional and the pop art feel worked. Hope you enjoy.

Blueberries 16” x 20” Acy $325

I started off painting with acrylics and have been using watercolors for the past few years. Seeing this painting again makes me wonder the wisdom of doing either exclusively.

Paisley Damask 48’x24” Acy. $450

Dreams of damask and 50's textiles brought about this large painting. Lovely blues and browns, my favorite color combo.

Rainy Day Sunflowers 12” x14” W/C $175

Rainy Day Sunflowers because it was raining outside while I was painting these sunny sunflowers. Ahh, life's simple pleasures.

Play day 8” x 10” W/C Sold

This cute little painting is sold but I have others like it on my website:

Eccentric Ovals 24" x 24" Acrylic SOLD

This painting is sold but I have more like it at my website: